Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Muslim student is a diffrent student

Every hard-working student has a lot of positive motives that strengthen his or her performance and give them the patience to continue along the tiring path of learning.

But when it comes to a Muslim student, it differs a lot and here are some examples.

Being a Muslim student, I keep in mind while studying that Allah SWT opens a path to Paradise for those who step on the path of acquisition of knowledge.

So, I will study because as a Muslim, I do love science and knowledge by nature, they both will lead me to wisdom and development on all levels of my life.

*I will study because I know Allah has created me smart, with developed mind and I don’t want to lose -by being lazy- anything I have the ability to get indeed only with some little effort.

*I will study because I need to be someone good and to turn my current reality into the best.

*I will study because I always wanted to be a good example for an open minded Muslim Arab female, by being so I could be a reason to change the world's negative points of view about us.

This is a kind of inspiration from that period of time I'm passing through now, The final exams..

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I pray for all students to get the best of what they study and to get the results they are looking forward to...

May Allah help us all...



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