Sunday, May 24, 2009

Snuff your Highly Fragrant Candle Wicks

Use a Wick Snuffer for less black Smoke

If you enjoy highly fragrant candles like candlemamma does then you know that maintaining your candle is very important. If you enjoy scented candles please remember that a candle is made up of a blend of ingredients. Your wax choice, wick type, color, and fragrance oil play a large role in how much black smoke you see or smell coming from your highly scented candle. Candle ingredients will also determine how often you trim your wicks.
The most important factor I have found as a candlemaker who tests her fragrant candles is how you maintain your wick. All candles will smoke. Most candles smoke more when the wick is blown out. This is a fact. The best way candlemamma has found to remove black smoke from her fragrant candles when extinguishing them is by using a wick snuffer. Candlemamma received her candle snuffer as a gift and it has been the best gift she could receive for maintaining her candles and wicks. This snuffer is very easy to use and clean. The black smoke and wax that builds up on this snuffer cleans up easily. Brass coating makes this snuffer nice and slick. Just wipe with a paper towel immediately after using and the candle wax mess is gone. You won't be able to snuff your wicks out in hard to reach candles with this snuffer. That is why you need the other flatter end of the wick snuffer. The flat end you can use to dip your still burning wick into the melted liquid wax pool thus extinguishing your wick with no black smoke to fill your nose or house. Extinguishing your candle wick in the melted wax pool also gives a little added scented wax to your wick for future burning pleasure.
As a candle lover, candlemamma enjoys the rich and high fragrances of candles not the smell of black smoke. Candlemamma's husband sneezes alot when she doesn't use her candle snuffer. Candle snuffers are highly recommend by candlemamma. Look for candle snuffers at you local department store or online to use with all candles.

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