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Precious Gemstone Emerald

If we talk about precious gemstone than the first thing that comes in the mind of a common person is diamond but people who know much about precious gemstones would always take the name of emerald first. Precious gemstones are classified differently by many different people. But the most valuable and the superior of all are the diamonds,emeralds,rubies and sapphires.

Some times pearls are also added in the list but technically they are not gemstones by any means, however they can get as valuable as any of the stones mentioned above. But of all these stones, emerald stands unique and is surely the one that can leave all stones behind in value.

Diamonds is usually considered to be the most valuable of all stones and this fact is quite valid however at times emerald can get very precious due to its rarity. Further if emeralds are absolutely clear or are of very rich color than they can be deemed even priceless because it is very very hard to find such emeralds naturally.

Presently with the advent of synthetic gemstones the charm of naturally occurring gemstones is fast fading but still traditional people always look for the natural ones and they very much no how to buy one. But majority of the people are unaware of the difference between natural and synthetic gemstones and buy anything what they get.

Emerald naturally have many inclusions and it can be very easily told if an emerald is natural or synthetic, however one would always need and expert for the evaluation of the actual price of an emerald.

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