Thursday, January 6, 2011

Surely you're not thinking of resolutions....Are you???

Friday, December 31, 2010

It is with some reticence that I write my final post for this year.

In the northern part of Queensland, floods have been ferocious, engulfing thousands of homes, forcing families and individuals to evacuate into unfamiliar and not the cosiest of temporary refuge.

How do you celebrate the auspicious closing of one year and the opening of a new one when, virtually in your backyard, thousands have been robbed of the spirit of celebration? Or so it would seem.

I know that no sorrowfulness on my part will alleviate the flagging spirits of my neighbors. I'm also reminded that, while the proximity of this latest disaster makes it less easy to ignore or even want to ignore, everyday, somewhere in the world, many more suffer disasters of one form or another.

So, here I am with a jumble of inconvenient thoughts and feelings. Yes, inconvenient because they make me feel less than celebratory at this rather momentous time of years, old and new.

My expanding awareness of life's realities, however, provides some recourse.

I can connect, in spirit, with the spirit of hope and faith within each of these people, here and everywhere else on this earth - hope and faith that things can and will get better even if we don't know the exact machinations of how.

I can summon within me, the spirit of determination to focus on desirable possibilities rather than undesirable ones, and connect with others in this spirit of determination.

I can raise within me the natural spirit of glee and optimism rooted in my knowing that in any adversity, there are doors of opportunity. We only have to have an open and willing mind. (It wasn't all that long ago when I was homeless for eighteen months).

I can celebrate and increase the spirit of joy and hope that seeks to move freely throughout the world rather than be an obstacle to it.

These are the things that come to mind now. They are anchored in my knowing that any outcome in the material/physical world has its origins in the mind, within the ever-expanding screen of our imagination.

I want to join all my friends and family across the world - those that I've seen face to face and those whose faces I've not seen but whose spirit I've felt deeply - in celebration.

I'm not going to ask you what your resolutions for the New Year are. But I do want to ask you what your dreams are. Will you share them with me?

As for me, my dreams are of:
  • meeting my perfect partner and having an amazing, exciting, fun, adventurous, inspiring, romantic, liberating and adoring relationship with him
  • enjoying the beauty and goodness and greatness of my two children as they experiment with life
  • doing something truly significant in the service of others, something that I will enjoy wholeheartedly and that will benefit them in big and meaningful ways
  • exploring and enjoying even more the friendships I have made, on and off-line - really seeing and enjoying the beauty and magnificence of each person I meet
  • traveling to places where I can spend time enjoying the people and their spaces
  • singing, playing guitar, writing, drawing, cooking much more competently, freely and frequently than I currently do
  • enjoying wealth and abundance
Wow! There they are. I didn't think I'd be making any of this public but, hey, another one of my ongoing dreams is to live more freely than I've ever done! This is one way of doing it.

I do wish you, my very,very dear reader, with all the warmth and affection in my heart, a truly spectacular 2011. May every desire of your heart be delivered in bountiful measure!

Thank you for being such a beautiful part of my life in 2010.

Love, hugs and kisses - TBT