Monday, March 28, 2011

Beauty of my mystic Islamabad

As the winter is on its Peak in Pakistan, We all are having really beautiful and cold days. The weather is so beautiful and all the living beings are enjoying amazing misty moments in Islamabad. The beauty of the green heaven is covered with Fog and Its a good time to enjoy the Hot Coffee or a nice camp fire. The nature has showered all his blessings over the Capital city. The foggy look of the city where as create a bit problems for the drivers to see the traffic but even then every one is enjoying these lovely days of Cloudy & Mystic Winter. I have captured some vague scenes of Islamabad for you to see so Enjoy.

The sun trying to shine at Islamabad but the clouds are not allowing

It was really difficult to jog even on the routine track

Isn't the scene looks like a Wordsworth's abode :-)

The depths of lonely beauty

Road to Heaven ! isn't it

I am trying to see the Third light pole , Can you?

A Giant building covered with Fog

Way to a beautiful road (Jinnah Avenue)

They are trying to touch the Sky

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