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I Saved My Home From Foreclosure,by Standing up to Adversity and Winning! I want to help you to!

March 6, 2009
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My name is Holly. I am a housewife and my husband is a truck-driver. His name is Ted. We have 2 little girls 4&5 yrs. old and an 11yr old son. We bought our house about 2 years ago. We lived the American dream all of 3 days before my husband was laid-off, due to gas prices soaring. We didn’t realize what was about to happen. The same week my husband was laid off our entire plumbing system collapsed. We had our emergency savings just in case something happened. We thought we would be covered by our homeowner’s ins.,our AHS warranty,and the inspection. No! All 3 of those entities had loopholes to get out of their contracts. So our 4,000$ in savings for an emergency went to the plumbing.
My husband pounded the pavement every day looking for a job & I started to clean houses just to put food on the table. My husband found a job w/in 3 weeks, but the snowball effect had already started to take effect. The three weeks we went w/out income started a chain of bad times for us.

I went to the Gov’t to get some kind of food assistance. They informed me that since they go by my husband’s previous check stubs, we made to much money the month before to qualify. Strike 1! The next thing I did was try to put my girls on some kind of health ins. I was told since your husband will be getting a paycheck in 2 weeks, you don’t qualify for health ins. for your kids. I said “I can’t afford the 900.00$ premium a month through his work”, the gov’t says “he makes too much money to qualify for assistance”. So we are one of those millions of AMERICANS that can’t get health ins.
Now there is the 2nd &3rd strike against me. Now in the meantime I have been calling my mort. co. “SAXON MORTGAGE” and begging them to work with me, by this time our car had already been repossed. I was not gonna let my home go w/ out a fight! SAXON MORT would not work w/ me. I would send them money, and they would send it back to me . So they have been giving me the auction day on my home, and the past 6 months I have been packing a pic-nick for my girls and I go to the county courthouse steps and ask people not to bid on my home. Guess what AMERICA no one has bid on my home. So I think the mort. co. is gonna work w/me now we will see.


I am still on pins and needles about my house,but when you think it can’t get any worse, it does. You will never believe that 2 weeks ago, I am on the phone w/Roger Wicker’s office(running for senate)when I hear a scream like I have never heard before, it was my 4yr old Kendall. She had broken her arm in half !!! I throw the phone down and get my little girl to a hospital.

She ended up having to have surgery it was supposed to take 45 min. It ended up taking 2hours. Now I am terrified because one dr. told me that the pins would have to be surgically removed, and another dr. told me that they could be taken out in the office. There is no way I am gonna let a dr. take them out in the office because it hurts. If I had health ins. or enough money they would do it surgically. I do want to add that the dr.s at lebauhnner were awesome dr.’s. They assured me that they weren’t gonna hurt her. I didn’t know if I’d been duped by one dr. or not. The dr. that told me the pins would’ve had to be surgically removed was at the 1st hospital I rushed Kendall to. Anyway I’m just glad it’s over!!!


It has been a few weeks now since Kendall’s pins were taken out. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was gonna be. She is doing fine and we will never get another trampoline as long as we live. We are still in the same position. We make too much money to get any health ins. from the gov’t,and not enough money to pay a 900.00$ a month premium through My husband’s job.
My home is still in foreclosure and I am trying to get a meeting w/ the ceo of morgan stanley John J. Mack. Morgan Stanley owns my mortgage co.Saxon Mortgage. I have learned that Saxon Mort. is benifitting from the 700billion dollar bail out. How ironic is this? My family’s tax dollars (400$ a week) is bailing out SAXON MORTGAGE, and they won’t except our house note. How much sense does this make? If SAXON MORTGAGE would’ve taken my money in the first place and started working w/ their customers instead of rushing to foreclose on everyone, they could’ve worked out payment plans for their customers. Now their customers are having to bail them out with no say so in the matter. It is not fair! I do not believe that I am entitled to have a meeting w/John J. Mack ,but someone needs to tell him what is going on a Saxon mort. I don’t care who tells him ,but someone needs to.


Now about health ins. the medical bills have started rolling in,since Kendall broke her arm. That is where we need to stand up and take 5 minutes out everyday and call your state rep. I know if enough people start flooding our elected officals office w/ phone calls asking them (or their office) what they are doing w/ our tax dollars then something will be done. That is all I’m asking.
All you have to do is find out who your rep’s,congress person,senator,mayor etc….. you get my point. Just pick out one of those people and put their # in your cell phone and on your way home from work, school, grocery store. Ask them, why our tax dollars (yes,yours and mine) are going to bail out BIG BUSINESS,MORTGAGE CO.,AUTOMOBILE CO.,when they should have just taken their customer’s money in the 1st place. Instead they decided to foreclose and reposess on people’s accounts, not realizing if they just would have listened to people’s story in the 1st place and restructure their loans and mort., they(BIG BUSINESS) would not have to be bailed out by us, the taxpayer, we have no choice in the matter.
So, I propose,forget bailing out wall street. It is time for AMERICA to demand,from our elected officials, BAIL US OUT !! Yes bail us out ! ,HOLLYtheHOUSEWIFE,SAMtheSOFTWARE GUY.TEDtheTRUCKER(my husband by the way),andCONNIEtheCRANE OPPERATOR.
These are all real people with real jobs. We are the backbone of America. So we need to DEMAND that we be treated that way and start holding people accountable for the job they were elected for.

PS remember we are their boss. WE PUT THEM IN,WE CAN TAKE THEM OUT ! 5 minutes a day is all it takes to get your point across.

Thanks for reading

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