Monday, June 1, 2009

Want More Traffic? Then Create A Blog About How To Get More Traffic

Thursday, February 26, 2009

While reading an article posted on titled: "Blog Traffic - Why Most Blogs Never Get Much" I found it to be somewhat promising as a source of reference until I got to the last sentence - "And for over 100 more tips on successful blogging, I invite you to grab your free copy of my ebook Secrets of Successful Blogging at http://www..." I realized it was just another soft-sell approach. The link goes to one of those cheesy looking sites. You know, the ones with the huge fonts. Yes, his ebook is free to read and yes it does offer a modicum of important information for the first time blogger, but, ultimately, he is offering the same advice that's readily available all over the internet and subsequently the free ebook is just a guise to get you to go another link with an offer that will cost you.

Most bloggers know, or eventually discover, that there are no secrets to getting lots of traffic any more than there are secrets to getting rich, quickly or otherwise. Just as I'm trying to sell you on my writing skills so that you will return to my site now and again, all bloggers are out to sell something, whether it's information, an idea, a product, a service, or just a piece of themselves.

It seems so absurdly difficult to get traffic (other than resorting to what I suggest in this post's title or relying on, that one could easily develop an obsessive compulsive disorder as a result of that pursuit. That constant quest by many bloggers has given birth to an entire online cottage industry comprised of tens of thousands of websites that exists for the sole purpose of showing bloggers how to find the holy grail method of getting people to visit their sites. From my perspective it's those self-appointed traffic gurus who wind up getting the web traffic as we find ourselves drawn to their sites like moths to a light bulb.

Creating a blog titled "Get more traffic to your blog" or "Surefire ways to get traffic" will most likely peak anyone's interest, what you have to ask yourself can you actually deliver the goods? What can you offer that isn't already splattered all over the internet? (as an aside, notice how I put both titles in bold. That's supposed to get Google's algorithms attention so that it can deliver better ads, otherwise ads won't come close to matching the content, but that's a whole other topic I wrote about some time back called: Irrelevant Google Ads). Regurgitating and reiterating the same information found on thousands of other blogs is useless, although I have found some to be much easier to understand that others. The only real distinctions between those blogs are how they are formatted and designed, still, new blogs pop up everyday offering the same 'ol same 'ol.

So what's the answer to getting lots of traffic? About all one can really do is satisfy the standard SEO requirements, which you can find at this link: Google's SEO Starter Guide, and continue writing in the hope that eventually people will find your site... that is, if you can get your blog out of Google's sandbox... or better put, Google's quick-sandbox.

As I mentioned midway through this article, using tools like Alpha Inventions is a quick fix and will get you a lot of immediate traffic, but content and quality of a blog is still tantamount to having a dedicated readership

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  1. Very good post. Jim's blog is one of my favorites :)