Friday, June 19, 2009

This would not have happened to my son

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Well, I didn't say it. But I feel I have a reason to support this statement. Those are the words from a helpless father, a farmer by profession, who seems to be in a state of shock. Reason - his one and only son is battling for his life. His son became a victim of a racist attack. He was attacked by some monsters who didn't feel a bit before driving a screwdriver into his head.

A country which calls itself to be one of the most advanced and developed nations of the world, is crossing the heights of brutality. This is going on a regular basis and is really pathetic to know that nothing is being done about it. Let us delve inside the whole issue. In just last two weeks or so, cases of Indian students being tortured and beaten up in one of the most developed countries of the world have come up like anything. From students to taxi drivers, no one is being spared. Reason for all these madness - Because we are from different nation. We are not supposed to be treated well. We are bound to suffer like anything. We have no rights to enjoy our lives. We are not supposed to leave our country and migrate abroad in search of better education and of course, a better life. Please don't make a mistake here. These are not my thoughts. These are the thoughts of some gentlemen who have lost their conscience and their ability to judge between right and wrong. Their minds are swaying in a pool of racism. They cannot tolerate people from different origin. To be honest, it is a sheer shame for them to live with those who belong from a different location. Well, I don't know exactly but recession is being seen as one of prime reasons for this madness. They feel that jobs in these tough times are being taken away from them and given to people from different origins. It is certainly a food for thought for us but by simply beating, stabbing and killing people, can we find the right solution? No, not at all.

There has to be a proper solution to this problem. But it looks as if no one is ready to listen. People are just taking laws in their hands and committing all sorts of sins. Who, What and Why seems to have vanished from their thoughts. Only thing they take pride in doing now is to attack and avenge. And this avenge is filled with racism. Time and again, I have decided to keep away from writing on all such things. But I don't know why I always feel like writing on such inhuman acts. Actually, I am compelled to write on such topics. Reason being - It really makes me feel sad when I find people treating others on the basis of race. Well, I cannot keep asking the same question again and again - Why? Why this racism? Why do some people behave like monsters? Why do you hate people from any different community so much? Why do you think that we are snatching jobs from you? To me, a job like thing is totally dependent upon one's caliber. If you deserve it you will definitely get it. No matter who you are and from where you belong to. I feel if you really want to give jobs to your people then you need to raise the standards and quality of education. Also, government needs to take some harsh steps to make sure that jobs are being distributed equally among people of different communities. Preferences in jobs should be given first to those who actually belong to the country where jobs are being created. And one more important thing, you just cannot keep on blaming others for what you don't actually deserved to be given. Make no mistake here. I am not here to spread any hate or criticize anyone. Please excuse me if you are hurt. But yes, I do feel that whatever is happening is totally inhuman. No words can justify this madness. This just goes to show that education has become worthless today. Its a pity that still we are evaluating people on the basis of Racism.

Let us put an end to all these madness. This is not going to help at all. We need to be more sensible on this issue. Promoting hate and violence won't do any good. It is likely to worsen this issue. Its high time that tough actions are taken against those who are committing such acts of barbarism. Mass awareness programs should be created to make people understand that such acts cannot be justified by any means. Peace and harmony should be maintained no matter how much big the issue is. Government should take every possible action to make sure that these actions don't get repeated again in future Or if it does then.....................

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this...I agree with you completely. Its so sad. It breaks me heart that racism exists - and its in every country, but much worse in some.