Wednesday, June 17, 2009

When Will We Stop Allowing Sexual Predators to Murder Little Girls?

Jun 5, 2009

Neveah Buchanan, 5 years old, found in a shallow grave covered with cement.
RIP little Sweetie.

Its a sad day when your child is at risk of murder just by stepping out the front door. Some may say this had been going on throughout history, it may not happen any more now than it did 100 years ago, it just SEEMS like more because the of the media.

To that I say:

Right, and now we also have advanced technology that allows us to track sexual predators with GPS ankle bracelets, it allows us to go online and find out how many live in our neighborhood, and study after study that PROVES this type of person can not be rehabilitated. But they are out there prowling around victimizing our children. WHY?

How many little girls have to die for someone to do something. I wish I knew what I could do, this is something I could easily devote my life to. In fact, I better stop typing about it because I feel my blood pressure rising. This subject has the ability to make me so angry like nothing else.

If you want to be astounded by the number of missing children, many who were later found murdered after being raped and/or sexually abused, I can point you to a few sites that will break your heart.

Of course not all missing children are murdered....and not all murdered children are killed by sexual deviants, some are killed by their own mothers.

Here are a few faces you may or may not recognize....innocent girls who's lives ended in horror (note, Haleigh Cummings has not been found, but considering the circumstances of her disappearance, I would be shocked if she's still alive).

Haleigh Cummings - still missing
This little girl, Caylee Anthony, was not abducted by a sexual predator,
but most likely killed by her own mother.

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